Striped Pattern Blocks Ewe


E1247 – Attractive Ewe chiefs cloth with unusual alternation of colours in the weft blocks.

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Ewe master weavers were continually striving to create something different, often in subtle ways, for the wealthy chiefs and “big men” who could afford to become regular patrons. On this beautiful cloth rather than altering the colours of the paired weft-faced blocks between each set as we might anticipate, the weaver has retained the same colours along the length of the strips, altogether using five different groups that he sewed together alternatively. So from the lower edge we can see pink, yellow, orange, red, green, and then repeat. He breaks up the regularity of this layout by adding stripes within some weft blocks, and a very occasional colour change. All set on a typical Ewe warp pattern of multiple narrow stripes. The cloth is in excellent condition and dates from circa 1930-1950.

Measurements 122 1/2 inches x 69, 311 cm x 175.

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