Classic Fulani Indigo


FR908 – Superb Fulani munnyuure cloth from Mali

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Classic vintage Fulani munnyuure cloth from Mali. A window into ancient West African textile design with this beautiful dark indigo prestige munnyuure cloth, Fulani, Mali, mid C20th, thick hand spun cotton. Munnyuure, is a Fulfulde word meaning “to patiently endure”, with the implication being that only the most patient weaver could create such a cloth. They were used over a wide area of Mali by Fulani, Bamana, and Dogon peoples. Owning one was a sign of high status, and they could be worn as wraps, or for women, as head covers. They were also widely traded and Gardi suggests that this trade value was in part responsible for the continuity in design extending back at least 500 years to the fragments found in the Tellem caves in Bandiagara. In excellent complete condition.
Measurements: 92 inches x 59, 234 cm x 150.

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