Some Major West African Textile Traditions

  • Adinkra: hand printed cloths from the Asante peoples of Ghana

  • Adire: indigo resist-dyed cloths from the Yoruba peoples of Nigeria

  • Asafo: spectacular appliqué flags of the Fante people from coastal Ghana

  • Asante Kente: the famous silk strip woven cloth of the Asante kingdom in Ghana.

  • Aso Oke: and other Nigerian men’s weaving

  • Bondoukou: cloths from north eastern Ivory Coast

  • Ewe Kente: beautiful narrow-strip cloths from the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo.

  • Embroidered Robes of the Yoruba and Hausa, Nigeria

  • Indigo in West Africa

  • Nigerian Women’s Weaving: Yoruba, Igbo, Nupe

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