Sun Bebe Adire Eleko


AD363 – Fine version of the rare classic design. Sun bebe literally means “lifting up the beads.”

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Sun bebe literally means “lifting up the beads.” It is the rarest and most interesting of the ten or so classic adire eleko designs. Yoruba women traditionally wore multiple strands of beads around their waist under their clothing. The sun bebe design is said to be a visual representation of the sounds made by the beads jostling and clashing together rhythmically as a woman danced. As such, it had erotic connotations related to concealment and revelation. We can
see in this design a vivid evocation both of the movement of the dance and of the kinetic effect of the beads in motion. Each line of the pattern to apply the cassava starch resist agent to the white cloth prior to dyeing was drawn by hand using leaf stems and feathers. The striped brocade pattern on the original cloth adds texture to the surface. Dates from circa 1960 and is in very good condition, (three tiny holes are patched on the reverse face and practically invisible from the front.)
Measurements: 75 inches x 67, 191 cm x 171.

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