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Superb example of a very rare variant style of Yoruba aso oke.

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AS562 – Superb example of a very rare variant style of Yoruba aso oke. This style is characterised by a colour combination of white and indigo (hand spun) cotton, magenta silk from the trans-Saharan trade, and a sparing use of green cotton. Unlike most aso oke which is warp faced, on these cloths the weft colours predominate in a carefully arranged layout of white, blue and magenta areas, with simple extra weft float motifs in the white sections. In the indigo and magenta weft sections there are regularly spaced single lines of extra weft float. Some of these features are not found on any other aso oke and the precise origin of this style, whether in a regional Yoruba workshop, or perhaps among a neighbouring ethnic group, is as yet uncertain. We can note however that all of the small number of examples known were collected in the Yoruba speaking area of Nigeria. Dates from late C19th. In excellent condition with original hand stitched seams throughout.

Measurement: 83 inches x 57 ins, 212cm x 145cm

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