Orange Motifs Ewe

E1181 – Exceptional Ewe kente chief’s cloth  with orange float motifs

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As with many of the finest Ewe kente chief’s cloths there is a lot happening in this complex design. The orange extra weft float motifs are concentrated towards the centre of the cloth where they would be most visible when the cloth was worn, with the largest motif, a man holding a prestigious and expensive horse, almost exactly centred. The angled parallelograms on the lower edge strip pick up the extreme angles in the distinctively styled horse motif. The weft faced blocks are mostly in sets of three of the same colour rather than the more typical pairs, while the colour selection itself is predominantly pale blues, pale yellows and pinks against the dark wine red cotton ground. Careful planning of the layout in advance of weaving  is apparent, remembering that this masterpiece was woven as a single continuous strip without any visual reference, the final design held within the weavers head as he worked. Dates from circa 1930-1950s. In excellent complete condition.

Measures 112 inches X 75, 286 cm X 192.

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