Old mixed strip aso oke


Nine different strip designs, aso oke from early C20th.



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AS710 – A hundred plus years ago when this beautiful Yoruba aso oke cloth was woven the weavers had a name for each design in their repertoire. A mixed strip cloth like this, with in this case nine different designs, could be called “oruko pe”, the names are complete. Although in reality there were a lot more than 9 different designs and names. Hand spun indigo dyed cotton and wine red silk alaari from the trans Saharan caravan trade. Condition was so close to being perfect, all but one of the seams between the strips have the original very neat hand stitching. But at some point in its history some idiot decided to chop off four inch wide pieces of part of each end, then later changed their mind and sewed them back using a sewing machine. Extremely frustrating but this is still a lovely cloth. Measurements 77 inches X 55, 197 inches X 140.

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