Mystery Indigo Marriage Cloth


Indigo marriage cloth from an unidentified sub-group of the Igbomina Yoruba.

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NW505 – Among the Igbomina subgroup of the Yoruba people who live to the East and south east of the city of Ilorin there were a number of distinctive styles of indigo dyed cotton marriage cloths with bands of supplementary weft float decoration. We have been able to identify the precise geographical origins of some of these very localised traditions, several of which can be seen in this gallery, but others have yet to be discovered. This cloth, in a previously unknown style, falls into the latter group. No other examples are known to date. Evenly spaced groups of three narrow white warp stripes combine with white stripes in the weft to create a grid effect on the main field of the cloth, while each selvage is flanked by a broad white stripe containing a row of loosely woven weft float motifs. Dates from circa 1930-50 and is in good condition, a few very small worn spots.

Measurements: 69ins x 55, 175cm x 139.

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