Mixed Strip Ewe


E1242 – Beautiful Intriguing mixed strip Ewe kente woman’s cloth

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Intriguing mixed strip Ewe kente woman’s cloth dating from around the 1930s to 1950s. When a weaver received an order for a cloth he would typically set up the warp for a strip more than was required as a precaution in case a section got damaged by a sudden rainstorm or a stray goat in the outdoor weaving area. Over a year or so he would accumulate a small group of these surplus strips sufficient to make a mixed strip cloth such as this that could be sold at the weekly cloth market. Aside from the visual interest of the juxtaposition of designs, these cloths provide a window into a single weavers varied output. In this case we can see a repetition of the three diagonal blocks pattern in different colours along with quite other quite distinct styles. In excellent complete condition.
Measurements 73 inches x 45, 185 cm x 114.

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