Indigo and silk striped aso oke


AS626 – Fine silk and indigo dyed cotton aso oke woman’s wrapper cloth, iborun, Yoruba, Nigeria, circa 1900.

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AS626 – These early Yoruba aso oke with simple warp striped patterns have a  subtle restrained beauty that I really love. They are also extremely hard to source, with only this one example in good condition found on my most recent trip to Nigeria.  A broad stripe of hand spun indigo dyed local cotton in the prestige etu or ‘guineafowl’ pattern of fine check is flanked by a narrow stripe of imported green industrial cotton (at that date rare and expensive also, a slightly wider stripe of  pale pink silk from the Saharan trade, then a much wider stripe of darker Saharan silk. This fine woman’s wrapper, iborun, would have been worn by a wealthy lady on an important ceremonial occasion combined with a shawl and headtie of the same cloth and a lace blouse. Other ladies at the event, family and close friends, would have been dressed in the same fabric. Dates from around 1900. Condition is excellent, original hand sewn seams and hems throughout.

Measurements: 68 inches x 57, 172 cm x 146

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