Ida ou Nadif Berber haik

NA125 – Fine Berber haik (tahaikt), Anti-Atlas region, Ida ou Nadif people, Anti-Atlas region Morocco, early to mid C20th.

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NA125 – Fine Berber haik (tahaikt), Anti-Atlas region, Ida ou Nadif people, Anti-Atlas region Morocco, early to mid C20th.  Wool, cotton, henna dye. Size: 155 inches x 53, 394 cm x  134. Condition is excellent.

A haik is a long rectangular woollen cloth that once formed the main garment of Berber women in the Anti-Atlas mountains region of southern Morocco. It was worn wrapped several times around the body and secured with a belt and silver fibula pins – see `attached watercolour “Jeune file des Ida ou Nadif” painted in the 1930s, from Costumes du Maroc by Jean Besancenot (Edisud, 2000)  – such that the decorated corner sections were visible at the front. There were a number of often quite subtle decorative variations that differentiated the haiks of different ethnic groups and subgroups in the Anti-Atlas region. In this fine example notable features are subtle white cotton stripes against the natural cream colour of the wool, stripes in indigo and brown natural dyed wool near each end, small white cotton  extra weft float motifs combined with coloured wool ‘pompoms’, and additional designs in henna. The use of henna on haiks in a traditional context was relatively rare and the small motifs are indicators of authentic local use – when demand for Moroccan textiles increased in the 1990s more elaborate and fanciful henna designs were often added to “jazz up” plainer textiles.


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