Hand Spun Cotton Baule Men’s Cloth


Very rare hand spun cotton men’s cloth from the Baule people.


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FR638. Although recent Baule textiles from Ivory Coast, dating mainly from after 1970 are common and generally rather ordinary, there is a remarkable scarcity of Baule cloths with any age and quality. In part this is because relatively little weaving was done among the Baule until the middle of the C20th, and fine cloths from earlier dates were apparently woven only very rarely for wealthy chiefs. Despite searching for over a decade this cloth we have collected less than ten Baule men’s cloth woven from hand spun local cotton rather than industrial thread and the only other examples I have seen are in French museums. Geometric extra weft float patterns in coloured thread are set on a hand spun white and beige cotton ground. At the lower edge is woven the name of the owner: “Koki Koffi.” In excellent condition. Dates from circa 1940-50.

Measurements: 99 inches x 68, 252cm x 174.

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