Extra Narrow Strip Ewe

Remarkable C19th cloth with exceptionally narrow strips and fine quality.

SOLD – displayed for information purposes only. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in a similar cloth.


E844 – Remarkable C19th cloth with exceptionally narrow strips and fine quality.  This small, patched, and fragile Ewe cotton women’s cloth can make a valid claim to be among the finest quality illustrations of an Ewe master weaver’s expertise known. Made up of 19 very narrow 50 millimetre width strips, almost half the normal strip width, the smaller scale reflects the incredibly tight neat weaving, packed with finely woven motifs. A distinct zigzag float patterned strip forms the lower border. Despite its condition issues this is an extraordinary and remarkable cloth. Condition: patched in several places, corrosion of black thread has left some blocks with only warp remaining.

Measurement: 73 inches x 43 ins, 185cm x 110cm.

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