Dogon Uldebe Cloth


FR851 – important type of prestige cloth from the Dogon people of Mali, called “uldebe.”

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Fine mid C20th example of an important type of prestige cloth from the Dogon people of Mali. Called “uldebe,” these cloths were always nine strips wide, with nine rows of supplementary weft float patterning. They were owned and worn as wrappers by senior elders and after his death would be used to shroud the corpse before burial, and rather remarkably the rolled up cloth would later represent the deceased at a second burail ceremony some time later. This example has a small local repair to a worn edge but otherwise is in excellent complete condition. Uldebe were woven only in the Dogon village of Pinia by specialist weavers using hand spun local cotton throughout.

Measurements 105 inches plus fringe x 59, 267 cm + fringe x 151.

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