Classic Ewe Kente Masterpiece

Superb museum quality example of a classic style Ewe Kente chief’s cloth.

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E934 – Superb museum quality realisation of an Ewe master weaver’s artistry, this excellent cloth is in a classic style that alternated a roughly square area of weft faced stripes with similar sized warp striped section containing an extra weft float motif. Within an overall palette of pinks, pale blues, white and yellow, the weaver creates a great variety of both stripe combinations and of weft motifs. Cloths of this quality allowed master weavers to explore subtle variations within the self-imposed constraints of a colour range and a set of motifs in a subtle play of  similarity and difference. Only the most wealthy chiefs and senior men could afford to order a piece of this status and would have worn it for only one or two special events before adding it to their carefully preserved store of fancy textiles. As a result this fine cloth is in excellent condition with a clean fresh look. Dates from circa 1930s-50s.

Measurement: 123 ins x 79, 312 cm x 201.

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