Bocoum Lion Wedding Hanging


Spectacular Malian wedding hanging by the Fulani weaver Oumar Bocoum from Segou.

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FR624 – Spectacular Malian wedding hanging by the Fulani weaver Oumar Bocoum from Segou. This elderly and no longer active weaver is now known to have learnt his distinctive style from an earlier master, Abdurrahman Bura Bocoum, who is thought to have pioneered the development of large scale figurative patterning on blankets that are displayed as prestige hangings for the weddings of important families. An example of Oumar Bocoum’s work was included major African textile show at the Barbican Art Gallery, London and the Kennedy Centre in 1995. It can be seen in the catalogue on page 65. This cloth diverges from the three person format that was typical of most of Bocoum’s output, displaying instead two facing lions and a central face. In Segou lions are closely associated with the founding king of the Bambara Empire Biton Coulibaly (1689 ? – 1755) and it is likely that this prestige hanging was intended to invoke his memory. Condition is excellent, however the strips are loosely sewn together rather than tightly stitched. Blankets and hangings are sold this way in Mali to confirm that they are new, with the buyer responsible for having them resewn if desired. Dates from circa 1990s.

Measurement: 122 inches x 61, 310 cm x 165.

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