Beledougou Bogolanfini 1


FR814 – Superb and exceptional bogolanfini, mud and tannin dyed strip weave hand spun cotton cloth from a female artist of the Bamana peoples in Mali.

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Although there is a lot of bogolan “mud cloth” around it’s really hard to find pieces made properly using the painstaking traditional methods. Virtually all these days is either quickly applied simplified designs or even a stencil resist. I was pleased to get a small group of women’s wrapper cloth from the Beledougou area that are the traditional designs and traditional method. A woman specialist carefully applied the black iron rich mud dye to the yellow dyed cloth, going over the whole cloth twice to cover the negative space for the desired rich black colour, before lightening the undyed pattern areas. The results are really beautiful and withstand machine washing. The motifs and overall design draw on a repertoire of symbols that, according to Sarah Brett-Smith express aspects of Bamana women’s life as co-wives in village communities that could not be openly verbalised. Her book The Silence of the Women: Bamana Mud Cloths (5 Continents, 2014) is highly recommended.

Measurements 61 inches X 37 1/2, 156 cm X 195.

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