Adire Alabere


AD353 – Stitch resist patterned Yoruba adire alabere (adire with a needle)


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Stitch resist patterned Yoruba adire alabere (adire with a needle) where raffia thread is tied and sewn into the cloth prior to dyeing with indigo. Once the cloth has been dyed to the required dark blue shade the raffia threads are cut off and removed, although a few remain and fall out with repeated wearing. This is an immensely laborious process – I once tried to unpick the left over raffia from a cloth and gave up after an hour when I had done a couple of square inches. The design on this piece is large stars, hearts and variations on the endless knot motif in a regular grid. Dates from circa 1970. There is a small stain at lower edge, otherwise good condition.

Measurement: 75 inches x 66 ins, 190 cm x 169 cm.

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