African Textile Resources

Follow the links below for our resource pages. These are made up of six sections: a series of introductions to basic aspects of African textile production and use; pages exploring various important African textile traditions; a basic African textiles reading list; web resources; our blog with news of African textile related events etc.; and finally our archive of sold cloths.

African Textiles Introduction

african textiles introduction Introduction to African Textiles - raw materials, looms, decorative techniques, social context, history, fashion.

Major African Textile Traditions

major African textile tarditions Textile Traditions: Adinkra, Adire, Aso oke, Kente,etc.

African Textiles: a basic reading list.

Asante adinkra cloths introduction Reading List: a short list that will introduce you to sub-Saharan African Textiles.

African Textile Links: useful web resources and links.

Asante adinkra cloths introduction Links: a short list of useful web resources.

Adire African Textiles blog

link to blog Adire African Textiles: our blog features African Textile related news, comments, books etc.

Adire African Textiles archive of sold cloths.

Asante adinkra cloths introduction Archive: one of the best ways to learn about African textiles is by close study of numerous examples. Our archive includes many hundreds of cloths sold over recent years and is among the largest resources of African textile images on the net.
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