Over the following pages we will be introducing you to some of the best known types of African textiles as well as more rare and obscure styles. By sourcing cloths personally in Africa and searching far beyond the obvious sources we aim to offer interesting textiles at a range of price levels from a few hundred dollars to important museum quality finds. Each page gives a brief account of the origins and uses of the cloths, before showing you some examples. Most of the African textiles displayed are for sale but you are more than welcome to just look and enjoy them. Follow the links or click the pictures below to see more.... For information on how to order from us click here.

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New Acquisitions New Acquisitions: - our latest finds. Updated 28 July
Mixed cloths under $500 Cloths under US$500: - an eclectic collection of interesting and moderately priced cloths.
Asante adinkra cloths Adinkra: hand-printed cloths from the Ashanti kingdom in Ghana.
Yoruba adire cloths Adire: the celebrated indigo resist-dyed cloths of the Yoruba from Nigeria.
Ashanti akunitan cloths Akunitan: spectacular embroidered chief's cloths from the Ashanti kingdom in Ghana.
Fante Asafo flags Asafo Flags: spectacular appliqué flags of the Fante people from coastal Ghana. Updated 14 September
Ewe cloths Ewe: beautiful narrow-strip "kente" cloths from the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo.
Ivory Coast cloths Francophone West Africa: Part One - Côte D'Ivoire - rare textiles from the Bondoukou region here.
Mali, Senegal, Togo cloths Francophone West Africa: Part Two - Mali, Senegal, Togo, etc.
West African robes Gowns: hand-embroidered ceremonial robes, mainly of the Yoruba and Hausa from Nigeria.
indigo cloths Indigo: blue stripes and solid dyed cloths from across West Africa. Updated 7 January
indigo cloths Indigo Select: a curated selection of exceptional indigo dyed cloths from across West Africa.
Asante kente cloths Kente: the famous silk strip woven cloth of the Ashanti kingdom in Ghana.
Nigerian men's weaving Nigeria Part One: narrow strip cloths of the Yoruba and other Nigerian male weavers.
Nigerian women's weaving Nigeria Part Two: broad loom cloths woven by Nigerian women.
North African weaving North Africa: A selection of vintage rural and urban fabrics from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.
Archive of sold cloths Archive: a visual record of hundreds of cloths we have sold.